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About Us

Healthcare Community of Positive People, Ambajogai, an organization working for the welfare of individuals living with HIV/AIDS and their community, is actively engaged in promoting a fulfilling life for people facing this challenging illness. For the past 22 years, I have personally experienced a joyous married life while struggling with this chronic disease. I sincerely wish to utilize the blessings I have received from this life by serving the community through the HC+ organization since 2005. Together, we continue to strive for the fulfillment of essential needs, rights, and justice for our community. Despite my ongoing efforts to work for the rights and justice of my community, I have remained relatively unknown to the public. Social service, to me, means seeking paramount satisfaction rather than fame or financial gain. It is my utmost commitment to fulfill the needs of society, relying on the support and collaboration of numerous generous individuals, social organizations, and some government officials who stand by my side with their time, resources, and dedication. We aim to eliminate discrimination against individuals affected by HIV/AIDS and to empower those who have been disheartened by society. We believe in elevating their self-confidence and improving their quality of life through education and guidance provided by our organization. In addition to providing necessary medical treatments, we strive to educate the community about the changing dynamics and consequences of medical interventions. We extend our genuine efforts to train and counsel the underprivileged, vulnerable widows, orphaned children, and young boys and girls, guiding them on the right path and addressing their concerns effectively. Various training programs are offered to empower young individuals, enabling them to stand tall on their own. We sincerely urge you to fulfill your responsibilities and view your contributions as virtuous deeds granted by the divine. Let us together bring a ray of hope to the lives of the helpless and destitute, irrespective of their religion or the sorrows they carry. Let us be the light that accompanies them during their peaceful sleep, comforting them with the assurance that they are not alone.